Chart text

I’d like to change the size and colour of the charts text. Would be great if I could get some CSS that would apply changes to all charts, not just individual components.


Hi Fran,

You need to use this JavaScript snippet to change the text size and colour of the snippet. We cannot use CSS as this is a custom HighCharts component.

This snippet will work for all the charts on the page. Please add this to the screen JS in the developer options.

Fliplet.Hooks.on('beforeChartRender', function(options) {
  _.set(options.chartOptions.legend, 'itemStyle.fontSize', 25); //change 25 to the text size you need
  _.set(options.chartOptions.legend, 'itemStyle.color', '#eb4034!important'); //change '#eb4034' to the Hex colour of the legend text. 

Further details of the Legend customisations can be found here:

Fab! Thank you