[Webinar] Maximize output and minimize unexpected costs through the use of dynamic technology

Presented by Fliplet and Conexus Law

DATE: Tuesday 6 September 2022
TIME: 11am - 11:45am ET / 4pm - 4:45pm BST

Time is money, as Benjamin Franklin once said, and in no two industries is that better represented than legal and construction. In this webinar, Conexus Law will tackle that age-old problem head-on, maximizing output and minimizing unexpected costs through the use of dynamic technology.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why contract management is challenging
  • Why good contract management is important
  • The importance of stakeholder clarity
  • How to reduce costs

Contract Management:

Contract management is a core principle of the legal and construction industries, which presents a number of challenges, particularly as a result of the myriad of complex processes and procedures in them.

The risk of operating a process/procedure incorrectly can be costly, but through good contract management, this can be reduced or even eliminated.

An effective solution for contract management is taking advantage of available technologies, in particular software and apps, which are both dynamic and visual, ensuring clarity of understanding across all stakeholders. Especially when deployed on mobile devices, it ensures the information is always available at everyone’s fingertips.

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